Functional Foods

Functional Foods


This book comprises of six sections giving the state of the art information in the following topics: Functional foods: Scope, Market Opportunities and Recent trends, Functional food products: Ingredients and Functionality, Functional food products: Formulation and Processing Technology, Functional food products: Packaging and Storage Stability, Functional food products: Prevention, Disease Control and bioavailability, Future prospects of functional food. The book is exclusively targeted for food scientists and technologists, and scientists working in related fields. The book also presents practical information for use in functional food product development. It is also intended for use by practitioners in functional food companies and food technology centres and will also be of interest to researchers and students of food science and technology. With recent scientific studies, this book provides readers with a comprehensive and up-to-date scientific knowledge about the functional food science and technology. The book presents a most updated knowledge on the regulatory status of functional food in different countries. This information, which is seldom available, is essential for the commercial aspect of functional food. Also, core discussion on the reliable and economical scale up of laboratory-based extraction and purification techniques for different functional ingredients is also presented in the detailed manner in the book. A critical issue in the development of functional foods is health aspects and its role in disease control. In section V, Functional food products: Prevention, Disease Control and bioavailability, a variety of examples are discussed indicating the role and action of functional ingredients in preventing disease. The present book also addresses the key issue of processing and its effects on the bioavailability of bioactives. With the advent of the latest scientific technique in the latter half of the 20th century, area of functional food has evolved to the current state of the art.

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