Please, Mr. Panda – Steve Antony


It seems an odd thing to be sat contemplating a review of a baby’s picture book. In a previous life, although I could well appreciate the wonderful cosy vibe of the children’s room in Waterstones, my radar couldn’t have been any further away.

Rather than being obvious and opting for one of my own childhood favourites, I thought I’d turn my attention to a board book that is not only fairly recent but also currently HOT property in the Relish household. We’re talking a repetition of at least 5 times a day minimum….so, without further ado, I introduce Mr Panda.



This picture book is funny, simple and repetitive. In short; a stellar combo for young children. Mr Panda has a box of doughnuts which he goes about offering to his friends (fair play, I wouldn’t share my Krispy Kremes with anyone) who are, quite frankly, all a bit rude. He quite rightly refuses to share them with anyone until a slightly manic though incredibly polite lemur pops along and uses the magic P word. He is rewarded with the entire box since it turns out Mr Panda doesn’t like them anyway (ah hah! Explanation)


This is all, of course, gearing up to drum into our toddlers the importance of saying please and might I say that it is an excellent way of doing so. Baby loves the bold illustration (black and white is thought to be particularly good for very young babies so this would be great for newborns) the repetition and the hilarious characters who just lend themselves to ridiculous voices and accents…or is that just me?

Being nice and short and snappy, this is my favourite so far of what I always think of as ‘trendy’ baby books. I don’t know what makes me think of them as trendy exactly…..maybe the stark simplicity…monochrome colours. I find that some nowadays can be overly stylised and a little, in the words of my other half, ‘try hard’. Although these are the kind of books that can probably be appreciated when they’re a bit older, right now we need sheer hilarity, and this has got it in spades.

8 thoughts on “Please, Mr. Panda – Steve Antony

    1. Aw thanks Sarah! ๐Ÿ™‚ It is great and I enjoy reading it out loud so points for the grown ups as well! I agree that they’d love it regardless of the age it’s aimed at, get your silly voices on! X-D


    1. Ha, thanks Rebecca. Bit of new territory for me but I read more board books these days than adult books so I might as well take advantage! X-D I love the idea of it as a brain refresher while you’re working. I’m reading something fairly heavy at the mo and it’s nice to still be reading and sharing my love of reading with baby whilst I’m moving along at snail’s pace with the other book!


    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Elle. It’s good to hear that you reckon there should be more board books reviews out there. I rely on reviews to guide my own reading and, as a parent, feel exactly the same way when buying books for baby but can never find the detail I want!
      It’s hilarious. You should definitely get it for your goddaughter ๐Ÿ™‚

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