Peepo! and the perils of parental reading


Hello?…..Anyone out there??

My incredibly bad (and spotty) ode to librairie mollat

I have to admit, it feels a little odd and vaguely embarrassing to be writing an actual blog post today. I have no idea (but very much doubt) whether my old bloggy friends and lurkers on here remember me or pay a visit to old reviews from time to time but, whether I’m rekindling old connections or speaking out into the void, welcome!!

Our life has had a complete transformation over the last year and a half. Namely starting our very own little family (puppy included) and hopefully a future generation of mad-fer-it little readers.


It is such an obvious cliché that parenthood will have a huge impact on your reading; particularly for those former die-hards with tottering TBRs who used to regularly burn the midnight oil to finish a book. Two weeks’ into this adventure, once the shock had subsided and I remembered that I was, after all, Literary Relish and that I kind of enjoy reading a book from time to time rather than purely bingeing on daytime telly – well, it was a revelationDozy days spent on the sofa breastfeeding lend themselves to one thing and one thing only, BOOKS and lots of them. God forbid however that you find yourself stuck without a glass of water or, worse, a complete dud of a novel.

Thankfully I was fairly lucky in the early days, using books to help me stay awake during night feeds and experiencing some absolute gems; Ellen Wood’s East Lynne being one of them (I talked about my absolute faves of last year for the wonderful Rebecca Foster in this here post on her fabulous blog).

New filing system

This peaceful time is inevitably short-lived but, in our frantic lives, particularly when running around after and raising little humans I think it is essential not to lose sight of ourselves. For me, whether I read 5 or 50 books this year, I find that self in literature.

I read an article on the fabulous books section of the Guardian website months ago (and didn’t bookmark or save and now can’t find it – poor show) where the author cited having a baby as the event that helped him out of his reading rut. Lengthy nighttime feeds and, in toddler/childhood, reading to his children at bedtime and introducing them to much-loved classics, completely rekindled his love affair with books.

Children’s books are wonderful things and, during weeks when I can barely keep my eyes open past 8pm, such gems as Mog and the Baby (Judith Kerr), Hairy Maclary (Lynley Dodd) and Please, Mr. Panda (Steve Antony) keep me going, maintaining that wonderful fuzzy bookish feeling in my tummy. It won’t help my Goodreads Challenge, but it will certainly help my soul.

My poor ravaged old bookshelf

It feels great to be back and rambling into the blogosphere again. If any of you are still around I’d be delighted to know what’s new. And if you have some lovely children’s books to recommend or tips on how to maximise reading time on very little energy, throw them my way!!


6 thoughts on “Peepo! and the perils of parental reading

  1. Welcome to children’s lit! It is a wonderful world, which I enjoy very much.
    Have you ever tried using Audible? It is a great tool for when you are feeling exhausted.


    1. Hello! It is a wonderful world and I’m currently having great fun reading some childhood favourites, as well as finding out what’s new. Hopefully I can start to chat about the books we discover as a family on here and get some great recommendations!
      You know I have heard of Audible and I actually started to listen to Bleak House but stopped as I decided I needed a different frame of mind entirely for that book, audio or not! It’s funny you mention it, a friend recently used his free trial to read this month’s book club book and fell asleep whilst listening! 😀


  2. Good to see you back! And congratulations! 😁 I’m glad you’re enjoying rediscovering children’s books. I love looking through my old favourites when I visit my mum (she’s a teacher, so has kept a lot of our books from when my brother and I were little). Hairy Maclary was always a favourite, I even bought a copy for my friend’s baby and apparently she likes it too!

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    1. Eee, so good to see old faces on here 🙂 I hope you’re all good xxx It is lovely to read all these old favourites, even when he can’t understand a word! I seem to remember loving Slinky Malinky too by the same author as Hairy… definitely need to check it out !

      Liked by 1 person

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