A little literary vacation…

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Hello you lovely lot.

I thought it’d only be polite to drop by to say hello and apologise, first of all, for my dwindling posts over the past few months. Needless to say things have been rather hectic over at the Rock-Seed household (not least due to the little poppet attached) and, although my reading and internet lurking has survived, actually thinking about what I read and putting it into some kind of coherent review has dwindled to zero and I have to say, I’m kind of enjoying it!

This blog has been going for quite some time and I am so grateful to you bookish folk for sticking around so long. Although Literary Relish is far from dead, it’s time I took a much needed break with a temporary 2016 hiatus. It’d be just lovely to spend some time getting on top of my TBR and playing with the puppy. Pressure off.

I will of course, be duly lurking around everyone else’s blogs and podcasts (how would I figure out what to read next otherwise?!) but am taking a break from my own garble for now. A little refresher. Although I always appreciate review requests, that’ll also mean a break from these just for a little while.

So for now, peeps, it’s goodbye from me (and goodbye from Milton!) I will see you all very soon on some other part of the tinterweb. Keep reading!

4 thoughts on “A little literary vacation…

    1. Ah I JUST saw this can you believe it :-O 🙂
      Times have changed, he’s huge now and they get along just fine…I mean they hardly curl up together but I would never expect the cats to lower their standards!! Hope you’re well xx


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