Scarthin Books

Although I’m sure none of you really ever need reminding why you love books, just in case any of you were battling through the dark dark days of a bad one, this lovely feel good video is my holiday gift to all of you. Happy Easter everyone!

Founded in the picturesque Derbyshire  village of Cromford in 1974, Scarthin Books is a retreat for the bookish and the centre of quintessential British life. A rare breed of a bookish labyrinth that are all too rare nowadays. Already smashing their Crowdfunding limit, the bookshop is busy raising funds for some much-needed renovation work which will ensure the shop’s existence for many more years to come, the support received so far reassures me that the love for the written word and for a real, humble, unique shop where the focus settles entirely on the reader and his/her needs is not yet lost. Please show your support for Easter! They have 23 days to go…

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