Our Little Northern Heroine

MAtildaAlthough, as I think I’ve mentioned recently, I haven’t set myself any hardcore reading resolutions or goals for 2015, there are certain little ‘mini-rules’ I have in mind to make the this year’s reading, well, a lot more enjoyable. These ideas generally encompass:

a) not reading books from my own personal library because I feel like I have to (e.g. ‘must-read’ classics) and reading purely on whim and inkling alone. I find this is almost always a sure-fire way of a decent read.

b) being very careful about what books I accept for review. Unless the blurb/hype, etc absolutely blows me away my sanity simply cannot take any more substandard books that are, worst of all, being rushed through towards a deadline.

c) taking a pause between each book and the next if possible. Most avid readers will have the same problem, i.e; that it is far too tempting to rush onto the next literary world immediately after finishing the last. In the past doing this has meant I simply haven’t appreciated the books I have read, particularly the fantastic ones, in the way that I should and that has to change.

d) although I won’t be joining in any readalongs unless I feel completely compelled to (however I will be reading Kakuzō Okakura’s The Book of Tea just in time for the next edition of the Happy Reader!) I have set a cheeky reading goal for myself on Goodreads this year just to see how I get along. This obviously won’t be prescriptive but I read a woefully small number of books last year (not helped by my two month stint on David Copperfield)  and it would be nice to get a few more in there.

With that in mind, my other half decided to support me by sending me a link to this article from the Manchester Evening News the other week, with a cheeky note saying that I needed to get a wriggle on…

Ten year old Faith Jackson read 942 books last year. According to her parents that’s 464 pages on average every single day.  2.5 books a day, between 77 and 80 books per month. Readers, hang your heads in shame.

The most wonderful part of this tale is that a few years ago the ten-year old was identified as having dyslexic tendencies. With relaxed, supportive parents taking the right approach however Faith has gone from being read to, to being the reader du jour.

This year Faith would like to read over 1000 books in total. My humble aim is just 60. No pressure. What will be your magic number for 2015?

3 thoughts on “Our Little Northern Heroine

  1. I have put down 40 books for good reads. I have no idea how many I will read. Like your idea of taking time to absorb book just read. I think it is not the quantity but the quality and what one gets from a book. You have to wonder how much this little girl comprehended by reading so many books and how much will stay with her over time.


    1. Absolutely and, you know, I’ve always followed the quality over quantity rule it just becomes very hard when you’re blogging I think. Especially when you get roped into reviewing specific things. I aim to at least ‘sleep on it’ when I’ve finished a book this year 🙂 Perhaps the lovely Faith should do the same 🙂


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