The Book-a-day Challenge! – 24. For Father Christmas

10402932_10154850422220371_6107946694406976450_n (1)The usual fare for Father Christmas is a lovely hot mince-pie and a nice glass of milk (or something a little stronger!) and I suppose now I have a proper chimney I at least ought to leave a little something out for him or else it’s coal for the Relish household tomorrow morning! Instead, I’m going to leave a special little book out for him that I think he might enjoy…

24. For Father Christmas

157993Although I could easily have picked a Christmassy affair, I suspect that the big guy must get a little tired with the Christmas theme all year around. Instead, I have picked the most magical, spiritual little novella I could possibly think of. A book I think everyone should have on their shelves. The Little Prince’s adventure around the universe, the people he meets and idiosyncrasies he encounters is the most beautiful, important book you will read in 2015, I promise Santa.

Book chat aside, I hope all of you have a wonderful, restful, fun day tomorrow. Eat lots and drink even more. Happy holidays!

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