The Book-a-day Challenge! – 20. Set where I live

10402932_10154850422220371_6107946694406976450_n (1)It is raining for the millionth consecutive day today which funnily enough is making reading, talking and writing books all the easier. Today’s theme could be, I suppose, as hard or as easy as you want it to be. Do I plump for the UK in general? – With a nighmarishly huge selection of books to choose from and a place in which most of my readers live? Nah. Instead I choose the place where I work, and vaguely live nearby. The fair city of Manchester.

20. Set where I live


When I took the book group on the Manchester literary coach tour last year, our impossibly huge coach was driven down the winding backstreets of the most obscure housing estates of North Manchester only to arrive at a random cul-de-sac and be told that ‘this’ jumble of 1960s concrete was the setting for Magnolia Street;  Louis Golding’s classic tale of neighbourly strife between the ‘Gentiles’ and ‘Jewish’ in Hightown before and after the Great War. Sounds ace.

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