The Book-a-day Challenge! – 19. Massive tome

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Oh dear. I was doing so very well on my Seasons Readings and yet again this week life interrupted, mainly in the form of drunken Christmas parties. Since I haven’t yet finished my year at the grindstone and won’t be travelling home until Christmas itself, I will talk about my current MASSIVE tome, on which I have finally made some headway.

19. Massive tome


It’s certainly that time of year as I’m on to the Dickens yet again. I generally read about a book or week more or less, which keeps things interesting and also helps me keep track with reviews and whatnot. Since I treated myself to the whole Dickens caboodle a couple of years ago it’s been huge pressure to pick one of his classics to tuck into each year. Although the smaller volumes are attractive for obvious reasons, I was persuaded by a good bookish friend of mine into this bad boy. I’m so grateful. Although I started to flag last week as I got myself into a bit of a Victorian rut (this is NOT a skim read people!) after a few wonderful twists and turns I am back on track and care not one jot that it is taking me forever. Long may this tale continue.

So...what do you think !?

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