The Book-a-day Challenge! – 17. Funny read

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I wouldn’t say I’m a stone cold statue or anything but it takes a lot to make me crack up – in any fashion. In the same way that I have never cried at a book (much to the chagrin of a few select members of my book group), it takes something truly hilarious to make me snort with laughter. As I’ve mentioned here a couple of times, the latest author to achieve that has been Caitlin Moran. However, since I’ve gone about her so much recently I’m going to something a little different this time…

17. Funny read


Bill Bryson really does take me back to my teenage reading. Although I never seemed to branch beyond his ‘Notes’ series, both the Notes from a Big Country and Notes from a Small Island were intensely heart-warming and hilarious. Unexpectedly I actually found his astute U.S musings even funnier than his adventures around the U.K, resulting in much snorting and chortling on a plane home from my hols one year. How embarrassing!

Bill Bryson is so cuddly…

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