The Book-a-day Challenge! – 15. Iconic first line

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Today’s topic for our #SeasonsReadings I felt was really rather naff (sorry Penguin!) I am therefore adapting the much more thoughtful topic #1, which I missed and would like to discuss…

15. Iconic first line


Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’

Specific translations aside, this is, more or less, the famous first line of Leo Tolstoy’s mammoth classic novel Anna Karenina. Despite the fact that I haven’t yet read it, the power of this famous line excites me all the same and acts as the hook in the relationship between book-loving concierge Renée Michel and resident Kakuro Ozu in Muriel Barbery’s The Elegance of the Hedgehoga heart-warming novel that is the ultimate celebration of bookish introverts everywhere (the wonderful French film is also worth a watch).

2 thoughts on “The Book-a-day Challenge! – 15. Iconic first line

  1. You’re good to substitute some else besides colours of books. I am such a sheep and followed the herd. I should have done what you did. I love first lines of books. I should include them in book reviews because some are so great and some of so silly. I also heard to determine if you like a book to read page 99 before you buy it. I thought this was funny too. Someone making up rules as you go but I do it sometimes (when I’m bored). Enjoying doing the list with you.


    1. I just thought it was a bit bonkers really! 🙂 Though you actually managed to make it interesting I just couldn’t do it justice. Including the first line of a book is actually a great idea….it would be interesting to give a rave review to something where the first line is fairly dull or vice versa.
      I’m a 50 page girl generally and just can’t bare to give up afterwards and try to finish a chapter at least before I fall asleep at night 🙂
      This is fab and I’m trying not to read yours before I read mine since they always come up on my feed. My posts may be a fairly repetitive format but I’m hoping it’ll be just the jolt I need to get back into this blogging lark a little more frequently in 2015.


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