The Book-a-day Challenge! – 10. Latest Purchase

10402932_10154850422220371_6107946694406976450_n (1)As well as doing spanking loyalty cards, Waterstones have had these great little stamp cards going for quite a while. Spend over £10 (not hard in there trust me!) and you get a neat little bookish stamp. Collect ten of these stamps and you have £10 to spend in store woo hoo! As often happens at Christmas with book buying frenzies for people, I have duly filled up my card and treated myself (not used it for more Christmas presents…that would be far too sensible. I’m rather selfish when it comes to books…)

10. Latest purchase


It was only when I came home that I realised the very obvious theme to my two new purchases; Love on the Dole and Love in a Cold Climate. The Mitford classic seemed rather apt given her sister’s recent passing (and the fact that I read the first book in the pair; The Pursuit of Love, a while ago and loved it). My second, notably different purchase, plays with the theme of love on a different level. Reminded of Walter Greenwood’s tale of poverty living in the Salford slums on our literary coach tour last year, I just had to snap this up. Maybe not too much of a Christmas read though…

So...what do you think !?

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