The Book-a-day Challenge! – 9. I judged this by its cover

10402932_10154850422220371_6107946694406976450_n (1)

As many of you may have noticed, I am an absolute sod for judging a book by its cover. What can I say? I’m a typical Libra, in love with beautiful things. With the rise of the ebook it has become all the more important in my eyes to take great care and creativity with your book covers. Please make it look appealing (for all those shallow folk out there) and, above all, reflect what lies within!

9. I judged this by its cover


Urgh. I hate these covers. Reminiscent of A Child Called It by David Pelzer, Jennifer Worth’s entirely different memoir of life working as a midwife in the east end of London looked like the last thing I would ever want to read when the book club voted for it last Christmas. In reality it really couldn’t have been more heartwarming and entertaining. A real eye-opener that is told in such a frank, natural manner. I couldn’t help but love it.

So...what do you think !?

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