The Book-a-day Challenge! – 5. Quintessentially British


Tonight, whilst sheltering from the frost outside, mulling on all things bookish and having a leisurely catch up with the blogosphere, I stumbled across this awesome post from Pam at Travellin’ Penguin. Apart from having some superb classics to recommend, she’s drawn my attention to Penguin’s book-a-day challenge for December (see above), a feat of posting that I think I might just have a go at… may be just what I need to get this lazy Relish up and running again. (NB: I am, however, far too lazy to back track and will logically be starting at number 5….) #SeasonsReadings everyone!

5. Quintessentially British


There is no better feel-good read than H.E Bates’ Darling Buds of May series. Hands down. There is nothing as quintessentially British and deliciously innocent than the lives of Pop and Ma Larkin and their brood. Flirtations in the strawberry fields, a bit of slap and tickle around the dinner table, Bates’ descriptions of the British countryside, the cheeky jokes, and the sheer love of food and life in general is something we should all embrace. They even give those Frenchies a good going over!

2 thoughts on “The Book-a-day Challenge! – 5. Quintessentially British

  1. The BookADay trend seems to have continued running throughout the year, in November @headlinepg sponsored it on Twitter and now for December its @BaileysPrize.

    I have never written a blog post about it, but whenever I pop by twitter I always check the hashtag #bookadayuk to see what all those avid readers and writers are sharing.

    So today its Day 6: Your Favourite Female Author if you want to join in on twitter.

    Thanks for mentioning this one, I will be sure to follow #SeasonsReadings now too!


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