The YA Review: Half Bad


The myriad of sometimes wickedly awesome, sometimes frustrating things that make up my everyday life have conspired over the past few months to make it gradually more and more difficult to get any writing done at all, let alone this little blog. One such perfect distraction has come in the form of the cheeky little bugger to the right, and her sisterphoto (43), who have decided that this website is in sore need of an uplift and who is, as you can see, doing a crash course in html to help me out….

In short, not much is getting done at Casa Relish at the moment and I’m coming to accept that, although I will mosey on down here from time to time to keep my hand in and, of course, keep on with any more ‘professional’ reviewing commitments, it may simply be that I have to take a step back for a little while on here until life quiets down.

With that in mind, and also the fact that many of you, teenage and adult alike, like to dip into a fair amount of YA fiction these days (a genre I’m a little naff at, it has to be said) it’s time to pass the baton on to a the younger generation from time to time. My good friend Liv is an avid reader and budding blogger and reviewer and the book she’s chosen to share her thoughts with us on sounds dark indeed. Just the thing for this creepy, blustery night and one I might just borrow from her myself…

Half Bad

Half Bad is the first book in the Half Life trilogy, written by Sally Green. The book is about a sixteen year old boy, Nathan and is set in modern-day England where witches live in secret among us; definitely not Harry Potter. His mother is a white witch who is married to a black witch hunter. He is also a white witch and they have three children: Jessica, Deborah and Aaron who are also all white witches. They all live with their grandmother. 
When Nathans’ mother has an affair with his dad, Marcus, Nathan is born. He is born half black, half white. Nathan’s dad attacks his sibling’s dad, kills him and steals his powers. His mother is ashamed so she kills herself and the kids stay with their grandmother who teaches and protects them.
Nathan sets out to find his father and get three gifts and his magical ability from him before he is seventeen otherwise he will die. He gets these gifts and finds out the only way to save his girlfriend is to kill his father.
I have to admit when I read the first few chapters I was a little confused, so, I went back and re-read it until it became a bit clearer, I was still a little confused but it made more sense the more I read.
But overall I loved this book and can’t wait for the sequel, so I can find out what his powers are, and if he finds his dad again so he can kill him, and save his girlfriend from the grasp of his auntie. It’s a really good book and it always had me on the edge of my seat. I LOVE it. It`s a must-read book and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

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