Five bookish reasons to love the autumn


Autumn (or, as you American folk prefer to say; ‘Fall’) is my absolute favourite time of year hands down. Unflattering clothes and sweltering offices are instantly replaced by cosy knits, delicious drinks and the very real need to sit in front of the fire with a wee dram to warm up. This time of the year is when our countryside is at its most beautiful, as the vibrant heather on the hillside fades and the ground and trees start to turn all russetty and lovely. I love no better excuse than to dig out my wellies and jumpers once again and with a nip in the air there’s of course no better excuse than to curl up with a good book. I have an inkling many of you are also fans of this time of year so here are my top five bookish reasons to welcome the wind and rain:

1. More excuses to readGeorgios_Jakobides_Girl_reading_c1882

Again, not that I need any excuses to indulge in a bit of reading time but – the evenings and morning are darker, making it much easier to justify staying under the covers with your nose in a book. The weather is more frequently the enemy of outdoor pursuits equaling more time with the sofa and bookshelves. A book is also a natural companion to a delicious brew, which I drink far more of when it’s chilly.

Throes of creation Leonid_Pasternak


2. The antidote to writer’s block

The boyfriend and I inevitably end up so busy with random social/sporty events in summer (which are great fun, don’t get me wrong!) that it leaves very little time to be productive. The pressure to be out in the world is oh so very strong and goddamit it totally hampers my blog upkeep/general creative vibe/speaking with all you lovely people.

3. Awards and stuff 5843148183_b30094c1cb

As you know, I’m really am not one to focus my reading life around what the next hot book is or what has won all the prizes (more often than not I’m massively disappointed. See: The Tiger’s Wife) but, I do adore a good book list to drool over and what can be more interesting than the long and shortlists milling around at this time of year? The Guardian first book award, The Man Booker, The Costa…..I’m excited already (though firmly NOT making any guesses as to nominations/winners, etc).

clown-238527_6404. Getting spooky

I really wished we celebrated Halloween over here in a more celebratory American fashion because lordy lord would it be awesome. I love fancy dress (which I never get to do) and I love spookiness and the perfect accompaniment is a nice scary book, of which there are many. I recently updated My Independent Bookshop to include some slightly creepier reads for Autumn (if you’d like to stop by and make a purchase!) and I’m getting more and more excited about what I’ll read this Halloween. Any recommendations? I inevitably end up reading M R James every year (not a bad choice of course but I should mix it up a little…).

5. The Autumn issue of Slighty Foxedphoto (42)

I am totally obsessed but yet again I found myself totally overexcited at the autumn arrival of Slightly Foxed and its literary delights and am already (even though I haven’t finished this one yet) getting distracted at the thought of the winter edition. I recently bought their beautiful edition of John Hackett’s I was a Stranger for Daddy Relish; a poignant memoir of the commander’s experiences in Arnhem during WWII (all the more poignant for a certain family connection and the 70th anniversary of the battle this year) which I’m keen to read myself. I hope to develop my colourful collection of Slightly Foxed Editions well into 2015!

2 thoughts on “Five bookish reasons to love the autumn

  1. Autumn really is the best season, for all these reasons and more. I always find summer rather stressful, with not much to read, once September hits more is published and routines go back to normal and I can relax in my woolly jumpers.

    I’ve not heard of Slightly Foxed, I’m going to have a peruse now.


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