Books n’ boobies


There are many loves in my life; books, beer, a nice bowl of hummus….but, let’s face it, there’s nothing more gorgeous in this life than a velvety soft pair of boobies now is there?

I’ve been mulling lately on the rollarcoaster ride I’ve had with my little book group (now two and half years young!). We’ve had an absolute blast, been on some seriously bizarre adventures together (including some serious performance art in the basement of a Salford town house) and made great friends. So far so good. However, trawling through the high echelons of the bookish web I have made the finest discovery, one of which the Americans among you might already be aware…or even participants!

The bearing of boobs and, most pointedly, nipples, seems to be hitting the news more and more frequently at the moment. An outraged backlash surfaced against Facebook for culling the University of Warwick’s female rowing team’s calendar from its site (NB: for charity, no nipples on show and very tastefully done) but leaving the male calendar unobstructed. (buckets and trophies held over their willies. Yum!) Instagram has also faced huge criticism, with the #FreeTheNipple campaign hitting headlines when Scout Willis waltzed around New York topless to raise awareness of how, through the censorship of women’s bodies, leading social media sites perpetuate archaic patriarchal social attitudes that sexualise parts of the body that should never have been sexualised in the first place. I.e. if a woman wants to sunbathe topless or breast feed her baby in public or, if it’s simply too HOT out there then why should she be made to feel too embarrassed to get the girls out?

384px-Fernande_(vintage_nude_photo)_2Here’s where the books come in. The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society (Burning bras, not books), is a group of dauntless women taking full advantage of New York’s egalitarian laws towards the toplessness of both men and women in public;  (a sparkling pro-feminist standpoint that should shame other authorities into submission). Meeting in the heart of the city, particularly when the sun comes out, the girls favour the pulpiest of fiction, sport the meanest of tattoos and the trimmest of bushes. What they’re doing represents an incredibly important step for womankind and, coupled with books?, then all the better.

So, next month the Manchester Book Group will be pouring over the wonderful The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Will our clothes hamper our discussion? There’s only one way to find out!

Marilyn Monroe reading in bed by Huffpost Style via Pinterest

Fernande (vintage nude photo) by Jean Angélou via Wikimedia

So...what do you think !?

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