Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

DSC06629 (2)Although I am completely aware that it is what lies beneath that really matters, I, like many other sheepish bookworms out there, am a shameless judge of covers. I’m ashamed to say it, but I will often not even bother with a blurb if the look doesn’t appeal……

Here are some of my most loved/hated trends in cover design, courtesy of The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday:

Top 5 Hates:

2524991. Historical fiction = Lady in a dress – I love historical fiction but I’m quite happy to just imagine the flouncy dresses. It gives popular authors’ (such as Philippa Gregory) books a trashy vibe that just doesn’t float my boat.

24400382. Black and white photo, italicy coloured writing – Puts me in mind of that creepy ‘painful lives’ section of Waterstones. Lord knows why Orion used this design for Jennifer Worth’s superb memoirs.

67811833. Pastel colours – Pure pastel girlishness just ain’t my thang….

220379854. Kindle editions – Ha!


5. Film/TV tie-ins – surely the most off-putting thing of all? Blurgh.

Top 5 Loves (yey!)

157293081. Twirly, swirly, vintagy twiddly bits – pretty.

toledo-jane-eyre2. The unique, modern and slightly queer.

4259333. Fancy, shadowy photos – à la Vintage editions.

99779194. Actually, on reflection, anything by Vintage Books. Everything they publish is simply sumptuous. Does that even count as a ‘book trend’?

117996455. Velvety and three-dimensional.

18 thoughts on “Ten Book Cover Trends I Like/Dislike

  1. I agree with everything you’ve written here! Especially your point about Vintage Books – I haven’t seen a cover of theirs that I don’t like yet.


  2. I love simple covers, but there is something about the complex, swirly, dense designs of a vintage style cover that really appeals to me, too. The Woman in Black and Elijah’s Mermaid just make you want to touch them, don’t they?


  3. This is great! I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. Covers are so so important and I think sometimes publishers just make them too generic. I love something a bit different and interesting. Thanks for a lovely post.


    1. Thanks Lizzi! Even though it may be short sighted of me to judge books by their covers to such a degree, it annoys me when publishers don’t make the effort. In this risky day and age they need to beautiful objects for them to stand out from the ebooks and keep the industry alive.


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