Top Ten Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

Ooo beacheroo, how I love you! I would gladly give my right arm from one of these spanking beach huts…and my left arm to be lying on a roasting hot beach right now, with a just a cocktail and a stack of books for company.

So, when the need for serious relaxation and escapism strikes us, what would I take to the white sands with me? The Broke and the Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday, as always, has the answer.


1. In the Time of the ButterfliesJulia Alvarez – This true story of three remarkable sisters and their tireless battle against an oppressive dictatorship will both inspire and move you to tears.


2. Life After LifeKate Atkinson – This is a great book, simply said. Kate Atkinson has a staggering imagination and such a comfortingly English turn of phrase, I was swept away into this groundhog world and you will be too.


3. Music for ChameleonsTruman Capote – A superb collection of short stories to dip in and out of when the time is right is a must for any beach holiday. These beautifully written, incredibly varied stories by Capote are just the ticket.


4. Frog MusicEmma Donoghue – this dusty San Franciscan tale of murderers, cross-dressers and burlesque dancers takes entertainment to the max the historical fiction way…


5. Someone Else’s SkinSarah Hilary – I know a lot of people like to take a bit of crime fiction away with them. I’m gradually opening myself up to the genre and this is the best I’ve read yet.


6. The LanternDeborah Lawrenson – a lovely, light ghost story and a ‘beach book’ in the greatest sense of the word.


7. The Valley of AmazementAmy Tan – although this book didn’t necessarily ‘amaze’ me, I think, given a beach, a cocktail and some sunshine, it would have done. A nice chunky, sumptuous beach book.


8. When God was a RabbitSarah Winman – this cosy novel made me feel so happy, I’d happily relive that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.


9. Our Man in HavanaGraham Greene – A little piece of Graham is a must for any holiday. This witty book would be my choice for any beach.


10. The Darling Buds of MayH.E. Bates – Bates’ Darling Buds series are books I will return to time and time again in times of trouble and strife to readjust and realise what is important in life; i.e. heaps of food and drink.

beach huts by Carly-Jane via Flickr

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Books That Should Be In Your Beach Bag This Summer

  1. What a great list! I loved Life After Life, When God was a Rabbit, The Lantern and The Darling Buds of May – they’re good for reading anytime, I’ ve got a couple of the others in my wishlist already and as for the rest – well it seems to the wish list has just got longer.


  2. I didn’t think of short stories–but they’re perfect for a beach read. You can read just one between other activities, or go through several, if you have plenty of time.


    1. Indeedy do. In fact, I’m just about reaching a point in my life where I can appreciate short stories a bit more. Just get lost in good writing and snippets rather than needing everything to be so plotty.


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