Stature: International Women’s Day


Although I relish returning to the countryside at the end of my working day, it’s still very true that good ol’ Mancland is a buzzing, thriving city. A multi-cultural, multi-faceted place of marvellous fun and intrigue that, it seems, pretty much always has something going on for the intrepid Northern monkey. Nuzzling neatly between the winter markets and the St Paddy’s day celebrations have been a variety of events and exhibitions to promote International Women’s Day. An International Women’s Month if you will.

One such brilliantly creative and powerfully symbolic exhibition arrived at our Town Hall courtesy of Warp and Weft, who ‘yarnbombed’ the all-male hall of fame of busts in the main vestibule, crocheting the enigmatic faces of incredible women over them. Skirting slyly around the filming they’re doing roundabouts for the new Daniel Radcliffe film, this proved a highly amusing and inspiring away to spend my lunch break.

Annie Hornimon

**Annie Horniman**

A lover of trousers, bicycles and great patron of the arts. Annie Horniman’s many achievements include the refurbishment of Manchester’s Gaiety Theatre.

Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw**Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw**

Politician, mathematician, Rubik’s cube maestro and supporter of Manchester’s gay community.

Dr Kathleen Drew-Baker**Dr Kathleen Drew-Baker**

Scientist and saviour of seaweed.

Elizabeth Gaskell

**Elizabeth Gaskell**

Oh no I hear you cry!  Mrs Gaskell may not be my favourite author (and certainly not the Manchester Book Group‘s fave) however, I’m sure I can let bygones be bygones since she’s such an undeniably important part of Manchester’s literary history.

Esther Roper

**Esther Roper**

Champion of working class women and co-founder of one of Britain’s first LGBT publications; Urania.

Ethel Lowry

**Ethel Lowry MBE**

Pioneering long distance swimmer, the first woman to cross the English Channel.

Louise Da-Cocodia**Louise Da-Cocodia MBE**

An inspirational woman who strived for the rights of marginalised inner-city residents. Combating all manner of prejudice and discrimination.

Sylvia Pankhurst

**Sylvia Pankhurst**

Needs no introduction from the likes of me, I’m sure.

Suffragettes in Bow Street by Leonard Bentley via Flickr

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