Top Ten Resolutions For 2014


I’m really not one for New Year’s resolutions, not even one teensy manageable one. What’s the point? Anything I want to do so badly I figure I already should be doing all year around so I find with that harsh attitude I tend to get things done. Odd logic I know!

Anyhow, today I will forgo that attitude for the sake of the Broke and the Bookish‘s fabulous Top Ten Tuesday meme. This will be tough. I’ll try to keep it as bookish as poss…


1. Read more classics – bit of an obvious one really and one I do struggle with around book club/review copies/brand new releases I simply have to pick up. This week I started to remedy this by picking up D H Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover.


2. Don’t set unrealistic goals – I ditched any silly reading goals long long ago and find I’m much happier to read by whim and not stress if I don’t end up reading as much as I’d hoped. Apart from things I need to read for set reviews, I’m free and easy (in a manner of speaking).

Better pic

3. Make more space for books at Relish Towers – I had the crazy idea of giving books away in 2013. Since we’ve had our lovely new shelves done by our local joiner and reviewing my shelves in Simon’s lovely post, I don’t feel like I have enough!


4. Read more – another obvious one and tricky with life/work getting the way BUT, if I’m ever to make it through Mount TBR I need to get a wriggle on!


5. Keep the Manchester Book Club going  – I have absolutely no intention of finishing with my wonderful group but I might as well make it a resolution! We are now almost two years young!


6. Mix it up a bit – I only really read fiction and I think I’d benefit for throwing something else in there. As well as genres of fiction I never care to read (fantasy, crime, etc) a bit of history or poetry certainly wouldn’t go a miss.


7. Restraint – this is something I learnt and mastered in 2013 and hope to continue into the New Year. I don’t need to go on any book binges. I have enough to read at home already. Sure, a treat every now and then is fine but, control yourself woman!


8. Don’t be so shallow – apart from the obvious ethical considerations, the other problem I have with ebooks is the distinct lack of a pretty cover to gaze at. This judgy attitude extends to different covers. I need to read Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook but the cover is so dull! (Please don’t judge me)


9. Continue the library love – admittedly, I rarely end up reading the books I take out of my local library (which doesn’t look like the above!) but I renew and renew them until the cows come home which I’m told sends some money the author/estates’ way every time. Can someone definitely confirm this for me?


10. Explore some outlandish bookish spots – with any luck the boyfriend and I will be going back to India at some point this year. I will still be on the book haul and hope to also try and get some pics reading in some strange places. How exciting!

17 thoughts on “Top Ten Resolutions For 2014

  1. I do the same thing with the library thing! I just keep renewing the book over and over until they won’t let me anymore. Annoys my hubby! lol.

    I also love #2. 🙂

    Here’s my Top 10 if you want to take a look.


  2. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in achieving your resolutions in 2014. Although I already spy a problem – good luck balancing number 3 (feeling you don’t have enough books) with number 7 (restraint in book hauling)!


  3. I get so many books from the library. Sometimes too many. I’m going to try to moderate this, because I have a tendency to pick books everyone wants, so I can’t renew them and end up reading frantically into the night to finish.


    1. Don’t stop the library love Caitlin! Though I’ve been in that frustrating position more than once where I get that dreaded email from the library to take a book I’ve not finished back immediately! Gah!


      1. Oh, I won’t stop the library love, no worries. Where else can you get quite so many free books?

        It is wise to check out a reasonable number, an amount you can actually read, though. Even if so many of the titles are tempting. 😉


  4. I want to do a list of my own. But too bad that I always leave them midway. I will do another one later. Good luck with yours.


  5. No. 4,6,7 & 9 are my constant resolutions; every year I seem to get better and better at not achieving them. 🙂 I can confirm btw that renewing your library books counts towards author’s lending right payments (yay) and also towards your library services book issue figures. This is also a big yay because issue figures are plummeting year on year and every book counts towards performance targets.

    Because you mentioned mixing things up and the fantasy genre I feel like I have to recommend In Great Waters by Kit Whitfield. It’s a alternative medieval England with mermaids. And I know that sounds absolutely potty, but it’s an incredibly wonderful book.


    1. The pottier the better! That really does sound excellent and right up my street so thanks for the recommendation. I’m also so glad someone has been able to confirm that me constantly renewing and hardly ever reading my library books is at least doing some good!


  6. Happy New Year! 🙂 I love your bookish resolutions. I don’t really do resolutions either, but I do need to get back on track after a very lazy couple of months!

    I look forward to seeing some outlandish book spot pictures from some adventurous places!

    Ps. I really enjoyed reading the post on Simon’s blog dedicated to you lovely bookshelves!


  7. I love aspiration no 10… despite the fact I’m jealous on the trip to India (that might be next year), I love the idea of visiting book spots in different space/places…. mind if I borrow that one?


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