A few weeks ago the kind folk at AudioGO; the audiobook publisher and retailer for the BBC, asked if I would be interested in listening to (and, of course, potentially reviewing) one of their audiobooks.

Once upon a time you couldn’t have dragged me away from a staunch belief that the paperback is Queen, the hardback the Queen Mother and anything else, be it audiobooks or e-books, merely foul pretenders to the throne. Although even today the walls of our house and my mind are still festooned with paperbacks, I’m glad to say I’m becoming a little less rigid in my bookish attitudes.

Although the publishing industry has been severely beleaguered by the ‘modern world’ of late, any device that encourages a love of literature cannot be pure evil surely? Being close to avid readers of late who, due to illness and incapacity, cannot fully indulge in their passion, the advantages of e-readers and audiobooks is becoming ever clearer. Physical impairments aside, when did it become a crime to listen to a book whilst doing the dishes or driving the car? Never.

It was therefore with great dismay that I learnt last week that, after a long period of financial harship, AudioGO will now be going into administration. How depressing. Hopes that a buyer or investor might enter the foray have swiftly disappeared. Audible anyone? Urgh. Please don’t let Amazon take over the world!

Speakers by Tim Geers via Flickr

2 thoughts on “AudioGO

  1. Such a shame… I’ve become a huge fan of audiobooks, no better way to reduce stress on a drive through peak hour traffic.


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