The little guy fights back…

It must be Tom Hanks afternoon on Channel 5 which suits me just fine as it’s raining sideways outside and, rather suitably I think given that the Books Are My Bag initiative had its huge bookshop party yesterday, I’m watching You’ve Got Mail:


Our problem nowadays has escalated to Bookshops vs Internet/Kindle and I’d be content to shop at either Fox Books or Kathleen’s little bookshop (both of whom I’m sure would have proudly been donning their orange signs/balloons/bags yesterday). Nevertheless we can draw some parallels with the bookish pickle we find ourselves in today…

2 thoughts on “The little guy fights back…

  1. I watched this as well. I lectured in Children’s Literature for twenty years and I would so love to have a shop like Kathleen’s, I would never be out of there.


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