Ich liebe Berlin!

Bookshop on Karl Marx Allee…

Up until this weekend it seemed that everyone in our little world had paid a visit to Berlin at some point apart from us (And no, not just for stag dos!). Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and just life in general we have had a roller coaster weekend full of art, history and lashings of wheaty beer. Although I didn’t get the chance to pop my head into the huge, imposing book shop on Karl Marx Allee, seeing this photograph reminded me of the International Literature Festival in Berlin taking place this month. It looks absolutely fabulous, with some fantastic speakers and, although we simply didn’t have the time to indulge, if you’re around the German capital this month do check it out and report back!

Speaking of literary festivals, Mancland’s very own affair is shining over the horizon and I am very, very excited indeed. I’ll be getting stuck in again this year, blogging about my love for Scotland at a poetry reading by Jen Hadfield in a few weeks time.  I will also be taking a few of my naughty book groupers around the margins of the city to explore the literary landscapes of some of our great authors. How exciting! If you’re around our way pop in and try and catch a couple of events. They take place all day and there really is something for everyone. Try something a bit different, I learn something new every year!


Karl-Marx Buchhandlung by Henry Lee via Flickr



4 thoughts on “Ich liebe Berlin!

  1. Ich liebe Berlin auch! Although I haven’t visited this Buchhandlung an Karl Marx Allee yet, I’m putting it down in my diary. But speaking of bookshops in Berlin, you must have visited Dussmann?


    1. I didn’t get the chance Samraghni but eek! It looks amazing and just like a German version of Fnac. Is that the case? I was with some particularly unbookish friends this weekend so I’m sure they wouldn’t have appreciated being dragged through (apart from the bookish boyfriend of course:)) and I’m not a German speaker which I must say I found far must frustrating than I thought I would. Another language I need to learn!


  2. Berlin is top of my list of places to visit! Hopefully we will manage to make a trip over in November. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself. And I can’t believe the Manchester Literature Fest is upon us already – where does the year go? I have been meaning to ask you actually, how do I go about joining the waiting list for the Manchester Book Club?


    1. You must Marie, we had so much fun there’s so much to see and do. I think the closer to Christmas the more chance you have of partaking in the Christmas markets and such, which are supposed to be fantastic. I’ll add you to our waiting list! Can you email me so I have your address? That’s all I really need for now and I can let you know when a space frees up?
      P.S. I’ve just noticed you’ve reviewed The Lifeboat and am heading over to read it….I finished this this morning and still can;t decide what I think….hmmm


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