Paris in July…En Bref…

iphone June 2013 091Phew! It’s been a busy few weeks here at Relish towers and I have the same pleasantly warm and fuzzy yet slightly melancholy feeling, as it is time again to say farewell to Tamara and Karen‘s marvellously organised event; Paris in July.

Here are a few of my favourite posts worth having a read of…I shall definitely be joining in again next year. (It’s the only bookish ‘challenge’ anyone will ever persuade me to do!)

1.  Books are my Bling reading The Little Prince by Saint Exupéry. A must read for absolutely everyone.

2.  A Bookish Way of Life on my personal second love in life after books; CHEESE.

3.  All of A Strong Belief in Wicker‘s posts. Who is so devoted she spent the whole of July actually in Paris and has trumped us all!

4.  Dolce Bellezza and the Impressionist Fashionistas

5.  Fleur in her World and her musical interlude: why ‘Tais-Toi‘ sounds so much nicer than ‘shut up’. Tee hee.

6.  The Book Trunk and her wonderful snapshots of Paris.

Last but not least, go and check out photographer Virginia Jones’ inspiring blog and beautiful photographs ‘Paris Through My Lens‘; completely devoted to the mythic French capital….See you all for it next year!


Champs de Mars and Eiffel Tower, 1900, by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr

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