Paris in July 2013

iphone June 2013 184Whatever the weather, summer is well and truly here peeps because so is…..wait for it…..Paris in July! Reliable as always, the lovely Tamara at Thyme for Tea and Karen at Bookbath (who has created these beautiful buttons for the event) are organising this month-long blogging event centered around? You guessed it. Gay Pareeee.

I never join in these blog events as I find pressurising myself into reading a certain amount/about a certain topic usually makes me go the other way but anything relating to Paris is always a delight and I joined in both last year and the year before when I was a mere blogging baby. The city will always hold a special place in my heart and there are always reams of Frenchy related books/films/food abound in our house. And that is the beauty of it. You don’t just have to read a book! If you’re feeling bogged down, just tell us about that arty film you went to see the other week, or that croissant you had for breakfast this morning. It all counts!  I hope to see even more people join in this year because it is always a delight to read your existential Parisian musings…

8 thoughts on “Paris in July 2013

  1. This will be my third year too – such good fun. I’ve got a couple of books and one documentary lined up. And maybe I’ll need to find the closest to a French cake that I can in South Australia!


    1. How exciting! It’s the perfect excuse to watch confusing French films and eat sickly sweet desserts 🙂 What’s the documentary about? I watched ‘Etre et Avoir’ last year. I adore that film so much….


  2. This is my first year doing Paris in July so I’m really excited about it 🙂 I’m planning to focus on books set in France & compare them at the end of the month.


    1. Can’t wait to see your posts Ciara! I’ve just had a peek and a huge thumbs up for your first choice. A Moveable Feast has been on my TBR for years and I never have quite gotten round to it.
      This is my third year doing Paris in July and it’s such fun. I must admit though, given the fact that the weather is usually so gorgeous and life busier than it is in winter I usually inevitably end up reading more Parisian/French-themed posts than writing them!


      1. Thank you- it’s such a great book and it seemed like the ideal book to begin Paris in July with. I have a few books lined up for the month but I’m probably being over-ambitious with my reading and posting lol. I might just take one book and review at a time & then go from there. 🙂


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