Escape to the Country …


Exciting news is abound in the Relish household… Without any help or persuasion from Kirsty and Phil, the boyfriend and I have decided to eschew our city centre living to move to the wilds of the beautiful British countryside. Hurrah!

This of course means that, over the next month or so, I shall inevitably have no a) time b) energy or c) internet connection to look after Literary Relish in the way I normally may (or may not as the case may be!) With any luck I will be checking in from time to time throughout March to say hi but, until we’re all back up and running, do bear with me…I’ve not gone very far!

See you all soon!

3 thoughts on “Escape to the Country …

  1. Part of me is very jealous and I wish I was brave enough to make that move! I have been eyeing up jobs in rural GP surgeries but I think I’d miss my home comforts in Manchester too much. Good luck for the move, hope it all goes well.


    1. Thanks so much Marie 🙂 We’re lucky enough to have the best of both words – working all day in the city centre and home to the deep countryside. I’m looking forward to a tip in the local farmer’s pub! (he he) Beginning to realise just how many books we have to move :-O yikes!


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