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Our Man in Havana, Graham Greene – The next MBC read, courtesy of our lovely Lauren. Graham Greene is always so classy and the perfect note on which to kick-start the group’s yearly reads.

Letters from Yelena, Guy Mankowski – A tantalising offering from independent publisher Legend Press, Mankowski’s impeccably researched account of the life of prima ballerina Yelena is tantalisingly turbulent. I’m gripped already.

Hotel Iris, Yoko Ogawa The Housekeeper and the Professor was both beautiful and tragic in equal measures and I loved it. This particular novel is supposed to be Ogawa’s finest.

The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse – Historical fiction and fairy tales are having a bit of a moment in the Relish household. What better than a bit of magical escapism with Hermann Hesse at the helm?

A is for Angelica, Iain Broome – Not only does this tale of an ordinary, curtain twitching bloke living in your bog-standard Northern mining town float my boat, I’ve only just realised that Iain Broome is that interesting chap I follow (and who follows me back) on Twitter. Ace!

She Rises, Kate Worsley – 100 pages into this salty tale of ladies’ maids and sea dogs, I couldn’t be more excited. Kate Worsley has conjured up a grimy, startling 18th century harbour town and plonked it right in middle of my living room… Shiver me timbers!

8 thoughts on “Incoming!

  1. We read ‘Our Man in Havana’ in Bookworms, last year and it was one of the most successful choices we made, so I hope your meeting is as successful. I’m now thinking of offering it as one of the books for a possible Summer School on spy fiction later this year.


    1. Hi Alex – Everyone came away really entertained by ‘Our Man in Havana’. Greene seems to hit exactly the right note with me. Intelligent writing without being too smart about it. We didn’t have the most polemic discussion going but there was more to say than other books we’ve read! I think it’d be the perfect choice for anyone studying spy fiction – along with Ian Fleming, it really marks the beginning doesn’t it?


  2. I’d never heard of Yoko Ogawa but having done a quick scan of her Wikipedia entry this seems like a good one to add to my wishlist for when I eventually get to read something from Japan. thanks for the tip


    1. Yoko Ogawa writes such beautiful little novels and I can’t wait to read Hotel Iris, it’s supposed to be the best place to start. I love Murakami but his books are a different ball game entirely….


  3. We may well be reading Our Man in Havana for our next classics read in my book club, it’s that or Wives and Daughters and given that half the club don’t have English as their first language I think 800 pages is a bit tough.
    There seems to be a lot about She Rises, it looks terrific.


  4. I’ll be very interested in your review of Hotel Iris. LIke you, I thoroughly enjoyed The Housekeeper and the Professor. I thought it was well-nigh perfect so if this is even better, well, you’ll have your work cut out writing about it! And lucky you, reading Our Man In Havana for the first time.


    1. I know. I adore Graham Greene and read this one all in one go over an afternoon. The best thing is I have so much more of his work to devour! I’ll have to make it last….
      Can’t wait to pick up Hotel Iris…the cover is calling out to me…


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