The Willoughby Book Club

As many of you can probably tell by the flurry of snow falling at Relish Towers, I am a rather Chrismassy person. Staunchly battling against the boyfriend’s bah-humbugness (although he did pop the wreath up on the front door this year bless ‘im) I am all about it. Mulled wine, reindeer, flashy Christmas earrings, you name it, I’m there.

One of the greatest parts of a Relish Christmas without a doubt is the gift-giving. Striving every year to dream up something even more unusual, arty, thoughtful than the last, December can be highly stressful experience and, after an exhausting 2012, I am simply stumped this year!

So, as a special Christmas treat (and sharing Bookie Mee’s nugget of magnificent wisdom) for those of you feeling just as jaded me and on the hunt for bookish prezzies (for other people OR for yourself!) I would like to introduce The Willoughby Book Club:

George Orwell, a roaring fire AND a glass of red !? Ur, yes please.
George Orwell, a roaring fire AND a glass of red !? Ur, yes please.

It’s hard to believe from the beautifully crafted website but The Willoughby Book Club is brand spanking new; the creation of Adam and Chloe Pollard, a couple of jolly lovely booklovers who it seems, inspired by this passion for great reads, have dreamt up a concept which, frankly, I wish I’d thought of first!

For a rather modest fee, under the umbrella of ‘Gifts for Fiction Lovers’, ‘Gifts for Children’, etc, The Willoughby Book Club provides a variety of tittilating packages depending on the lucky bookish lady/lad you’re buying for. Filling in a little personal detail on your loved one; their favourite authors/books etc, you can then submit this info to Adam and Chloe who will then fashion a bespoke book club, sending a beautifully wrapped surprise every month, along with a personal message should you fancy…how exciting!




For all of your bookie needs this Christmas. The Willoughby Book Club is a home from home. I hope they can solve some of your present buying conundrums!


6 thoughts on “The Willoughby Book Club

  1. This is a great idea, though I would want to do it for others not vice versa, as I would imagine if they sent of my favourite authors I would already have some of the books that might be sent.

    Why did we not think of this Lucy, honestly you are so rubbish at co-founding things with me 🙂


    1. I know – you know John said exactly the same thing when I showed him the website. WHY did we not think of it first!? Gah. It’s brilliant, think it’d be perfect for my little bro. Like you said though, I think for obsessives like us it might be just a bit too risky….(could get you booked onto the classics one though? ;-))


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