Bookish block…

I am probably the last bookish person to stumble across this photograph of Nigella Lawson’s private library (who knew!?) but, if you haven’t already, check this out….

courtesy of the wonderful
fairly ugly copy of Cannery Row…

Ordinarily I would look (with great envy) at this photograph and perhaps glimpse my own bookish future within it….however, this week I’m beginning to doubt myself. After throwing myself into and thoroughly enjoying The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, perhaps through sheer exhaustion, my reading has ground to a complete halt this weekend. Feeling rather excited, I plucked Cannery Row out of the bookshelf only for it to sit unopened on my bedside table (I know, I’m disappointed with myself as well). Hoping to cure my exhaustion I have, in the meantime, plumped for an old favourite in Guy de Maupassant, hoping that A Woman’s Life will give me just the right balance of domestic drama and comfortable prose that I need to rest my weary head. Considering that I am due to read JG Ballard’s The Drought in time for the Christmas fixture of the Manchester Book Club I think I need go with the familiar and return to Steinbeck when feeling a little bit…shall we say…fresher?

In other news, I have used this reading-light weekend to muse on Manchester’s book offerings. Apart from a couple of decent Waterstones, the city centre, like a lot of cities in these hard economic times (please do correct me if anyone knows differently…) has precious few bookshops, and no independents selling new publications. Taking advantage of a rare Friday off (and eschewing my Christmas shopping) I popped into Paramount Books, a rare little gem at Shudehill Interchange with a great stock of second-hand books and comics and a fantastically homely atmosphere.

Paramount has been around for as long as I can remember and long may that continue (touch wood). Please do visit if you’re around our way…

Those of us without the time to indulge as much as we’d like to can at least take advantage of the plethora of charity shops in South Mancland and, of course, the simply immense Sharston Books. What better antidote to a Book Block than a Book Binge!



10 thoughts on “Bookish block…

    1. Aw, that’s a shame. You know – I think The Snowchild is one of those for a certain kind of mood. I’m in the mood for escapism and a bit of magic at the mo so it did work for me. In a more sensible frame of mind I may not have been as sucked in as I was.
      You MUST go to Paramount – books are reasonable….anything from £1.50 to £3 for you average paperback?


  1. Birmingham’s independent book shops have gone the same way. My favourite semi local is Wenlock Books in Much Wenlock, which if you’re ever in the area is definitely worth a visit.


  2. Oooh, a visit to Sharston Books has been at the back of my mind for ages but I have so far managed to restrain myself…I just know it’s the kind of place where I wouldn’t know where to stop buying.


    1. Ooooo…you MUST! You won’t regret it I promise. (Your wallet might) However, most people I know are so bewildered by the selection on their first visit that you might be protected from a book binge on your first go – you’ll be too busy gazing around! 🙂


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