A Birthday Treat!

Snatching a cheeky day off work, the boyfriend and I started planning an exciting trip to York full of history, literature and culture for my birthday this year………….come birthday morning, well, it seemed like far too much effort to get ourselves on a train so early (though we will go one day soon!), so we decided to go to Chester instead. Much closer to home and a simply enchanting place I just couldn’t believe I’d never visited before!

A perfect day followed with heaps of book shopping, antique browsing and beer drinking in wonderfully ancient pubs, all topped off with French onion soup and red wine!

As well as the ever-pervading ancient atmosphere, with layers upon layers of history that makes the small city such a fascinating place to visit, it’s literary fare was fairly impressive as well. Getting myself into all of a flutter I couldn’t quite believe just how cheap and just what a fantastic selection the Oxfam Bookshop had (rarely know for its bargain prices), gaining some self-control I just managed to contain myself to some Jean-Paul Sartre, Hilary Mantel and Salman Rushdie…

Lots of goodies…

Up onto the old Roman walls we found two more little gems, the first being a particular fave with a fascinating selection of kiddies books …

A stroll along the famous rows and a pint (or two, or three…) gave us chance to refresh and look through our spoils. I will most definitely, definitely be back for more in the future!

2 thoughts on “A Birthday Treat!

    1. Olga! 🙂 I can’t wait for me to get around to them either and maybe one day I’ll even get round to a review or two ! 😉
      Chester is absolutely gorgeous and so quintessentially English….if you’re ever in town….(perhaps you could visit it after the Manchester Book Club!)


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