Literary Lull

Today I thought I’d pop on a little explanatory note for my ‘literary lull’ over the past week, partially through that crazy little thing called life, a bit through that dull little obstacle called work and mainly, through a curious phenomenon called the Manchester Literature Festival; an event spanning the whole of October that has had every Northern bookworm tittering with excitement.

Although, due to the festival’s immense popularity, I have naturally not been organised enough to book myself onto the various events before the tickets sold out (apologies to the the Manchester Book Group who I had originally promised to take on the Dickens Tour!) I have been lucky enough to involve myself on a more ‘professional’ level – writing for the festival’s blog site:

First up came a night of with a few giggles in store as Simon Savidge got the opportunity to interview Patrick Gale and Catherine Hall, chat about their new publications and, of course, allow the audience the opportunity to give their twopenneth as well. Both Patrick and Catherine were utterly charming and gave us all (including fellow book groupee Charlotte :)) a nice little taster of their latest work, their inspirations and their lives in our beautiful countryside.

On Thursday I had a brief sojourn over at the Instituto Cervantes which embarrassingly, despite spending five years studying Spanish at Manchester University, I had never ever been in up until now. Peruvian author Fernando Iwasaki Cauti, it turns out, has written a plethora of exciting and varied literature/poetry/historical books yet has, quite tragically I find, never been translated into English. Cauti’s interviewer, Professor Andrew Slater quite expertly presented his own Spanish-English translations…let’s just hope he decides on a career change one day so we can all enjoy his wonderful work!

Expert paparazzi style photography..

Now, with less commitments, the boyfriend away on his hols and some dark, cold nights ahead I’ve decided to go back to basics…that is READING! (Shock horror!) I feel I’ve been neglecting the TBR lately and think it might be time to remember exactly why Literary Relish exists in the first place. I am an addict. And I want to reeeaaad, and document that reading rather than faff around with books I’m not keen on…which only results in writers’ block all around!  I need some pre-Christmas resolutions…ideas anyone?!

2 thoughts on “Literary Lull

  1. I’ve been hearing about all these festivals all over and have been daydreaming quite a bit about visiting at least one some day. I can only imagine to be in close proximity with other book lovers and brilliant authors!
    My resolution is one book per week, no excuses. The goal of 52 a year seems meager compared with some others but I find it works even when life gets crazy.


    1. Hi Olga 🙂 I actually heard on the radio last week that, apparently, for those of us with full time jobs, etc, to be concentrating on, one book per week is the perfect amount. I’m not even managing that at the moment to be honest! But I suppose we all have our lulls 🙂 I think my new resolution may be a ‘no resolution, resolution’. I don’t work very well when restrained by challenges. Though I do admire them.

      Are there no literary events near you in the USA? Even your local bookstore?


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