The Road to Avalon

The sudden deluge we’ve had today matched the Tuesday blues as, rather than mince around the glorious South West of England gazing at ruins, crystals and sheltering in ancient watering holes, the boyfriend and I returned to our sterile offices in the centre of Manchester…boo.

Anyhow, clickety click went the camera as per usual and I thought I’d share a few bookish bits from Glastonbury and beyond…

New Age Book Shop Number 1…
Number 2…(great Hermann Hesse selection)





…and for those of you with tighter purse strings…


…and a little refreshment after all that shopping!


…off to the blustery moors of Britain in search of a certain beloved author…



And no….I quite managed to control myself and just stop for pics, rather than raid the gift shop. Jamaica Inn is a little more frequented nowadays but it still didn’t spoil the magic for me as we stopped and paid homage to the great lady herself…


After the poor holiday choice of tackling South Riding earlier this year whilst skiing (too much concentration required!) I am feeling decidedly smug about my special selection this time around:

84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff – another one of those books I’ve ‘been meaning to’ read for yonks. Heart-warming and hilarious all in one.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller – need I say more. I do like to devour these winners once a bit of the hype has died down…

Don’t Look Now and other stories by Daphne Du Maurier – chilly tales from our lady above. The ‘other stories’ more wonderfully disconcerting than the famous title tale.

America by Franz Kafka – our Dan’s choice for the Manchester Book Club this September. Pleasingly accessible so far!

All in all a good break! Now, if you’ll excuse me … I have work to do ..

5 thoughts on “The Road to Avalon

  1. Gosh, Daphne du Maurier was someone with attitude, wasn’t she? What a great picture. I must read 84 Charing Cross Road again, I enjoyed it so much first time around and I’m longing to get my hands on The Song of Achilles.


    1. I know….and style! I may start to model myself on her….
      The Song of Achilles lived up to all the hype and I’m so glad I took it on holiday so I could completely immerse myself. Really wets your appetite for the Iliad..


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