Hullo everyone!

If you are reading this post then hurrah! – the magic of the internet works and you have arrived at the new home of Literary Relish. Finding the time to make the move to WordPress has been a toughy but, after a rainy afternoon spent in deep concentration on the couch, we are finally here! The design of the site is a work in process so do let me know what you all think and here’s to many more months of bookish banter in our brand new home!


11 thoughts on “Hullo everyone!

    1. Thanks Olga 🙂 The move has been a long time coming and am sure will be worth it! The Master and Margarita is fantastic isn’t it? I wasn’t the only member of the group who felt a re-read would be essential though!


    1. Hi Lindsay 🙂 Although I’m still on the learning curve I had various fellow bloggers/knowledgeable friends badgering me to make the move for aaaages and I am, essentially, glad I did. There’s so much more you can do with it – though a bit more complicated than Blogger! (haven’t figured it all out yet) – but great for getting yourself more out there and networking with other bloggers!
      I was very attached to my ‘look’ but have managed to relinquish my old identity…just about 😉


      1. Hi, thanks for your thoughts, I am going to leave it for now, but at some point when I feel I’ve got the time and energy perhaps I’ll go for it.


  1. I like the new you! Your blog looks really nice on WordPress (although it was nice before of course!). I’ve checked and I don’t think your header is smaller than mine. When you go to “Themes” and “Customise” it only gives you an option to type in your Header and Tagline no options for changing size. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion because I’ve changed the colour slightly?


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