Out of order

This week Literary Relish has been mostly…

Out of order.

My poor dear old Toshiba, which has been with me through thick and thin for the past 5 years – two dissertations, one wine spillage and a whole lot of hammering with the blog, finally expired this week. RIP laptop 😦  To be honest I really had pushed the poor thing to the very boundaries of its capabilities and on Sunday, puffing and wheezing to the finish line it finally exploded in a puff of smoke! (I am clearly giving myself a little artistic license here…)

However, although this brief post was planned to be done in rushed fashion from the City Library I am finally all hooked up to the world at home again and raring to go, though my introduction to this years’ Paris in July has taken a bit of a hit! Tonight however has hopefully given me a flying start as I have been chit chatting (and, I fear, rambling totally off the point) with the lovely Gav and Simon for their hugely entertaining podcast The Readers and the bookclub they have kindly been hosting over summer.  Once what I am concerned will be an extremely cringe-worthy (for me at least!) interview of me reviewing Pure by Andrew Miller materialises I will be sure to post it here. In the meantime I will just have to banish all thoughts of everyone hearing my ‘Liam-Gallagher-on-helium’ voice immediately preceded by Andrew Miller’s dulcet (probably) tones….

For now though, I am back in the land of the blogging and all Frenched up, oooo lala! What next?

4 thoughts on “Out of order

  1. Vive Paris in July! Vive the new computer! And vive the adorable kitty, so French in its beret and striped shirt πŸ™‚ I'm also patiently waiting for your review of Master and Margarita. How was the MBC meeting?


  2. Hi Olga – the fourth ever MBC meeting was great fun! πŸ™‚ We had some new members, some more boys (which makes things much more interesting) and everyone had lots to say on Bulgakov πŸ™‚ Such a shame you aren't local to us to join in, it would be lovely. We have an easier choice this month (although not French themed) so will be much lighter for us all!


  3. I know, as soon as you did your first post about MBC I wished I could join you! Maybe I'll follow your reading list and we could share thougths anyway (so many books, so little time) πŸ™‚


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