World Book Night

Just wanted to post a quick word and see how all of you gorgeous bookish folk spend World Book Night on Monday. Although I naughtily missed the boat to be a World Book Night book giver (I would have clamoured to give out Remains Of The Day this year…) I spent a very pleasant evening at Waterstones in Manchester listening to Simon Savidge and a whole host of other authors and writers reading from their all time favourites. Although I also missed out (I’m not doing very well here am I!) on the free books and free wine (of course we are focused on literature here and not JUST free stuff!) it was all jolly good to see the bookish people of Manchester spreading the love and being proud of the fact that, shock, horror, we love to read!

Two of this year and one of 2011’s WBN treats!

2 thoughts on “World Book Night

  1. Don't feel too bad, I completely missed it! Reading all the posts about it now and hoping to remember it next year. Will also have to find out what it's all about too…


  2. 😀 That makes me feel much better! You're in the US aren't you? I'm pretty sure they join in over there too so we'll have to both make a pact to remember next year!


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