A Fiction Habit

Since I am lucky enough to have caught this beauutiful 24 hour bug that’s going around at the moment (the guilty, germ-ridden parties know who you are!) I thought I would take the opportunity to post a big thanks (albeit a rather queasy one) to my lovely fellow blogger Sarah at A Fiction Habit who has very kindly nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. *Blushes*

As well as being a fellow Withingtonite (Mancunian) once upon a time, Sarah is also the creator of a neat and surprisingly new book blog where she posts some really very engaging and well-thought out reviews, as well as some other interesting little tit bits. Most importantly of all, she reads books that I love/am bound to love and I endeavor to take all of her recommendations very seriously indeed 🙂 Thanks Sarah.

Of course I can’t just take my prize and run. The Versatile Blogger award comes with certain conditions which I will fulfill to the best of my abilities, hopefully without boring you all too much!

1. Thank the award-giver Done!

2. Share 7 things about yourself
– I HATE cucumbers (I’m sure I’ve used this one before but it always strikes me as the most important thing to know!)
– I speak French, Spanish and Portuguese 
– I dream of living in Paris again one day
– I can’t add up for toffee, though it is a major part of my job. Thank God for calculators!
– I am hugely allergic to wasps
– I can’t open any of the windows in our flat because, if we do, birds and squirrels climb in and nest in our kitchen…
– I am terrified of going to the dentist and unfortunately have an appointment next week that is already making me sweat a little…yikes!

3. Pass the award along

Blimey. I have built up a Google Reader so chock full of entertaining booky blogs that this is a bit of a nightmare challenge. To make sure I don’t duplicate those I’ve nominated for awards in the past I’ve picked a couple of brand new favourites of mine:

The Sleepless Reader – Alexandra’s blurb on Twitter first caught my eye, reminding me a lot of myself: ‘By day I live in the corporate world, but by night I’m looking for the book that’ll keep me awake longer than I should.’ A kindred spirit has certainly been found! I spend so much of my time either reading books or about books that it’s nice to stumble across blogs that offer both a variety of reviews (when I tend to just read and review fiction) and fun posts you can just dip in and out of such as her: Top 10 Literary Crushes. Now who wouldn’t enjoy that!?

A Room of One’s Own – Jillian is a woman after my own heart. A literature student who, up to 2010, had never read any of the classics. Her blog is a dedication to classic literature, an area I am striving to become much more well-versed in and I thoroughly enjoy her posts. Cheers Jillian!

4. Contact your chosen bloggers Done!

4 thoughts on “A Fiction Habit

  1. Thank you for the mention and kind words!! And a big congrats to you (and Alex!) for the award. How cool that you know so many languages!! 🙂 I hope you feel better soon.Cheers!


  2. You're very welcome Jillian 🙂 Lovely to meet you! Although I'm not feeling much better, being under the weather and off work always gives me some cheeky book reading time I wouldn't get otherwise so can't be all bad!


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