After this post I absolutely completely promise I won’t mention my Dickens bounty any more but I just had to show you all of the lovely books that I have almost killed myself getting home with from work this afternoon. (Hoorah!)

The snippets on the back of every single one of these books fills me with huuge excitement I can hardly suppress. They just all sound so epic and enthralling…
So peeps – where should I start? Since I’ve read it previously the boyfriend already has his claws in Great Expectations…

13 thoughts on “$wag!

  1. They are fabulous covers I have to say, I am still somewhat scared of Dickens and really think a read-a-long of his novels might be my best way forward. Hint, hint!I love the cover with the raven on it, a book of Dickens that I had no idea existed. Well, well.


  2. Hint hint!? Whatever could you mean? πŸ˜‰ Perhaps I need to maintain a healthy fear of Dickens as well given the size of these books and pick a couple out for a … Dickens month perhaps … ? (yikes!) The Vintage editions are gooorgeous aren't they? I'd never heard of Barnaby Rudge either, at least now I don't feel as much of a heathen!


  3. It is and I actually have your kind self to thank for reminding me about The Book People website. They're absolutely gorgeous editions. It might take years to read them but it was well worth it. Little Brother Relish actually bought the Daphne Du Maurier set based on your heads up so thanks! πŸ™‚


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