New Year Meme – Book titles

What is this I hear you cry?! Relish posting two memes in a row!? How disgracefully lazy of me in this fresh, literary new year. WELL. I don’t care. The fabulous Mr Adam Beyonce Lowe introduced me to this, although I’m not sure how well this will work…

Complete the following sentences with book titles that you have read this year (2011) Put the author of the book in parenthesis.

I am:  An Artist of the Floating World (Ishiguro)

I will never be:  Sense and Sensibility (Austen)

I fear:  The Winter Ghosts (Mosse)

My best friend is:  Queen of the Elephants (Shand)

What’s the weather like?  A Fine Balance (Mistry)

Best Advice:  Enduring Love (McEwan)

I’ve never been to:  Brick Lane (Ali)

Favorite form of transport:  Birdsong (Faulks)

I’ll never fit in at:  Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (Simonson)

How I’d like to die:  A Handful of Dust (Waugh)

You and your friends are:  Jamrach’s Menagerie (Birch)

Thought for the day:  When God was a Rabbit (Winman)

Your soul’s present condition:  Satori in Paris (Kerouac)

Well, the bit about the weather is a bit of a fib but I suppose I’m getting there! 

So...what do you think !?

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