Wet wet wet…

Sideways rain, too much cauliflower cheese and a complete panic about the fact that I have no clue what to buy anyone this Christmas has meant that the last 50 pages of the marvellous Woman in White by Wilkie Collins are still unread and awaiting my attention on the bedside table for tonight. Bang goes my scheduled Sunday night review!

Wonderful pic courtesy of http://horrormove.deviantart.com/art/Rain-Storm-122143459. Hope they don’t mind me using it!

So, what to talk about this evening whilst I dry my poor tootsies on the radiator?  Well, I was actually wondering how everyone was feeling about the festive season, and, on a bookish note is there anything in particular you’re hoping to read/receive as a gift this year? I must admit, as usual I have been so preoccupied with other things, the bf’s birthday among them, that Christmas has completely creeped up on me, the panic not helped along by the novelty @OfficialSanta twitter account that constantly reminds me that I need to pull my finger out of my arsienda. 
I do love this time of year if I have the time to appreciate it. Fairy lights, poinsettias and mulled wine are right up my street but its the pressure we unnecessarily put on ourselves and the numerous Christmas parties where you are forced to ‘network’ with people you can’t stand that have me diving for the duvet with a stack of good books until Christmas morning comes along. Luckily my bookshelves have literally reached breaking point (one, my Dad pointed out, is leaning dangerously to one side, not helped by the risky amount of tinsel now liberally piled on top…) so I have a serious selection of winter reads coming my way and I hope and pray that Santa will bring even more…
So, any ideas what I can buy people for Christmas? Notes on a postcard please!

So...what do you think !?

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