Boho Literary Pub Crawl

Oh no…apologies, it was the Boho Literary Pub Walk that myself and the bf booked ourselves onto with much enthusiasm after perusing the delights to be had at the Manchester Literary Festival this year, and didn’t my beloved Northern city put on a good show.

Although we only managed to haul ourselves to the event that focused on bookish stories centered around the watering holes of our fair city (most notably paying a visit to the Peveril of the Peak, one of my favourite places for a pint) it seems that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their slice of the festival.

John; our enigmatic guide to Manchester’s literary underbelly was extraordinary and a relative goldmine of information. We were both completely stupefied by the fact after interesting fact that he managed to cram into the two hour walk around the city center; god only knows how one man manages to remember it all! Our tour taught us several things; firstly and most importantly, it doesn’t matter how long you live somewhere, you still don’t know it like you think you know it. Moreover, however much of a downer you manage to create around a place where you’ve spent so much time, struggling sometimes to see out of the little box of drudgery on the way to the office each day, your home has so much more to offer than you realised.

It seems that Manchester was once the hub of everything; political, cultural, you name it. And I am proud to call myself a Mancunian (even more so nowadays) .Thankyou very much John (and, of course, the benevolent spirits of Elizabeth Gaskell and Anthony Burgess) you have opened our eyes…

(P.S – big shout out for Bookmarked at Waterstones Deansgate on the 7th November – Ben Aaronovitch, Paul Magrs, Simon and Adam, I can’t WAIT !!!)

3 thoughts on “Boho Literary Pub Crawl

  1. Heh heh. See! I'm not the only one who gets confused between the two! It was brilliant..Am slightly envious of his job, I can't think of anything better than talking to people about literature and *ahem*drinking beer*ahem*. I wish I could credit the photo as my own. I found it somewhere and although the picture worked the website didn't!


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