Robin Hood’s Cave

Ever since moving from Derby up to the bright lights of Manchester I have thrived on the buzz of big cities; people, parties, galleries, restaurants…the advantages to living in such a thriving hub of activity are endless and I have loved every minute of it. However, as I get older and a little more settled I can also see the beauty of the more peaceful corners of world and, particularly after having been in a relationship with Mr Outdoors himself for quite some time now…of long days out in the countryside, the nicely buff Mr Monty Halls and perhaps one day even the prospect of living on a little croft in the remote regions of Scotland….

For now however I am still a city-slicker at heart and not ready for rearing pigs and digging up turnips quite yet. Weekends to our beautiful green patches walking and climbing gets me out and today was no exception. If you’re heading over to the Peak District this Bank Holiday weekend and are around Hathersage-way, head over to Stanage Edge. It’s one of the most popular locations for rock climbing in the area and the views are gorgeous (particularly when you get bored of watching bobbing-bums hanging off the side of the rock face :-))

(Robin Hood’s Cave is a particularly nice little secret hidey hole that you can climb into from the top of the edge and out onto a naturally formed ‘balcony’ where people have quite sweetly carved love messages into the wall and you can see the wax left over from romantic nights out under the stars…)

 © Copyright John Fielding and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

2 thoughts on “Robin Hood’s Cave

  1. These are places I feel most at home–open space, no traffic, wind and critters everywhere. Cities are super for about one day and then I'm itchy to find some trees.Loved the Cave vista.


  2. @cleemckenzie When you're in England get yourself to the Peak District the views are stunning and the village pubs perfectly cosy 🙂 I know what you mean..I may be a city girl for now but the first thing we do every weekend is get out to the countryside and I would do ANYTHING for a garden and some flowers/space for a furry creature or two


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