**Sigh** I am back in sunny Manchester (?) following my very relaxing and characteristically scorching stay in Sevilla. After quite a series of planes, trains, and automobiles I can finally sit back and reflect on what I’ve seen/read/ and…well, I was going to say learnt but what I really mean is ate/drank whilst I was there.
Although this was a distinctly un-Paris in July/French holiday I did get to meet Mérimée’s Carmen…
See the bullring where the object of her affections did battle…
And drink lots of cócteles!…
Whilst relaxing I finished and loved The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson (watch this space) and When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman, which I read in preparation for a little something special next week…(more to come soon!!)
Hanyway…back to the tail end of my own personal Paris in July; rather than being sensible and packing for my holiday I decided to curl up under my duvet and, much to the bf’s dismay, reacquaint myself with the wonderful Delicatessen by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. ‘Why do you want to watch such a grisly film’ says he. ‘No no no, you just don’t understand‘ say I. This film is sublime. Set in post apocalyptic France we meet the completely skew-whiff and quirky tenants of an anonymous, shabby building and their charismatic landlord and local butcher, who we know is up to something from the very beginning, his chopping boards smelling distinctly of something other than your standard beef steak.
This film is both hilarious and completely dark at the same time, exploring themes such as cannibalism and suicide in such a way that I challenge any one of you not to completely crack up. Dominique Pinon (above) is so very versatile and adorable in this story and worlds away from grumpy Joseph in Amélie (although both explore the wonders of love in their own special way.) It is beautifully shot, atmospheric, creepy and quite scary towards the end. It is a film with many layers and I notice something new every single time I watch it…so please watch with me…et bonne nuit!

So...what do you think !?

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