Passage to India

Ah hah! No, before you all collapse with shock I have not managed to slip in E.M Forster’s classic in between working, reading Isabel Allende and….well, more working and sleeping. However, myself and the bf have finally bought our tickets to Delhi for September, where we intend to spend a bit of time in and around the capital before doing the classic Indian railway journey all the way up into the mountains and to Darjeeling, where I intend to do lots of walking, tea drinking and dumpling eating (apparently a popular dish is something called momo which looks yummy.)

Despite the fact that I’ve lived in a couple of interesting places I have surprisingly never set foot out of Europe and I am SO excited. India has always appealed…I have such a wealth of smells, colours and noises in my minds eye that I just can’t wait to lap it up.  Not only would I like some hints and tips from any of you who are lucky enough to have been, I would also like some recommendations for reading leading up to and during my stay.  I’ve had Salman Rushdie suggested to me, I also have A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry waiting on my shelf that I’m particularly excited about.

Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “Passage to India

  1. Hi Dana 🙂 I'm going to be so busy saving money and getting my act together that I probably need 3 months to prepare. I'm so excited. Am finding it hard to keep it in check!!


  2. You might like The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar, it's about a woman and her maid and the caste system. Or Gandhi's autobio. That's good for history, although if you're not religious it seems a little tedious…lol.


  3. Gandhi fascinates me so that's definitely a bio I'd like to pick up one day..maybe not a holiday…The Space Between Us looks great and Id never heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation!!


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