I’m stumped!

Oh no….the reader’s block finally got me.  The first block of the year and I was doing so well!  I suppose 2 whole months is pretty good going……

I enjoyed Kafka on the shore so much I was utterly transported to another world and now I’ve come back down to earth with a horrible bump and can’t find anything appropriate to read. That and the fact that I have been absolutely shattered and so busy lately that I simply can’t zone out of what I’m doing to sink into something properly. Anyway, enough of my chuntering and complaining, what to read next? I had a nice little read of Mark Shand’s Queen of the Elephants (soon to be reviewed once I get the chance) which was a heart-warming little stop gap to read over the weekend that I thought would sufficiently diffuse the situation in readiness for something else. No such luck.  I began my first Virago book (well…actually that’s a fib as my mum pointed out the fact that all of our Margaret Atwood books are Virago the other day…much to my delight) my first green spined Virago; Mary Lavin’s The House on Clewe Street …but I am simply not in the mood.  Too lazy and too tired to take it all in I’m afraid, and also in need of further escapism rather than further drudgery in rainy Ireland. That said, my decision to finally  pick up good old Captain Corelli and have a read is hopefully a wise decision to make.

I need a bit of a romance and a bit of sunshine.  Let’s hope I can sink on in and lose myself on my way to work on these dull dreary mornings….                                                                                                          

So...what do you think !?

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